As another sports season debuts we notice new, and different readership and first-time response from around the area, and around the state. Here’s some of the latest, and best, with our appreciation for your attention and loyalty.

Perhaps the most compelling of reader letters this time came in response to another reader’s email in objection to our highlighting the value of ‘winning’ shared in our last edition.

“To Press Pros: I am writing for the first time to share with you my appreciation for your website and your recent article on the importance of winning. Specifically, I would like to address the comments from ‘Syl’, who wrote to voice another, different, and totally out-of-touch objection to the value of winning. Mr. Fulks, don’t ever make the mistake of believing someone who talks down the merits of ambition, goals, hard work, discipline, and achievement. Don’t ever let someone convince you that achieving less so that others might share the same feeling of elation without achieving anything is an equal emotion. Remember, too, that participation means little without a desire to finish at a higher level than where you started. And to the point made in Syl’s letter, I think she fails to understand the correlation between winning and the basic human instinct to feel empathy for others less fortunate. ‘True’ winners are humble, and humility leads to compassion for others. And when compassion is shared it’s often motivation for others to achieve their own higher standard of life, and living. And Press Pros is a winner for speaking on behalf of that higher standard. Keep up the good work.” … Greg DeSantis

(Ed. Note: With appreciation for your kind words, the point you make that I appreciate most is…that ‘true’ winners are humble, and humility leads to compassion for others. Meaning, that one must first feel good about themselves before they can genuinely make someone else feel good.)

“I thought your August 22 story was a wonderful reminder that people who win are not necessarily obnoxious asses. Some are, as we all know, But to your point about there’s no such thing as a “selfish” winner, I could not agree more, or thank you more for saying it. I think you site is wonderful.” … Karen Denlinger

“We’re playing another high school season because it’s something to do that we all like, appreciate, and has positive values. Why apologize for something that’s good for just about everyone? … Steven Clay

(Ed. Note: Because we live in a world now where pride in accomplishment, and pride in superiority is used to apologize for individual self esteem. Bring yourself down to the least common denominator…and the world will be a better place, like Haiti, perhaps. I’ve been there.)

ML Dunn has moved…check out their new location on National Road, in Englewood.

The mail box was stuffed to the gills the past two weeks, some commenting on what we didn’t say about OSU football coach Urban Meyer.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. You’re usually not that restrained when you have the drop on something. Are you getting older, or is this your true scarlet and gray bleeding through?” … Bill Thompson

“The two words you used were a tease – selective truth. Whether you intended it that way or not, it made you read between the lines and I didn’t like what I saw.” … Mike Donnelly

“As a proud alum of Ohio State University (before it was TOSU) I’m ashamed to believe that there are so many who value football above the character and values that the University is committed by its charter to represent. Don’t know if you’ve ever read it, but for 2018 it’s out of touch.” … Bob Davidson

“All I can say is that if I had read that statement like Urban Meyer did, without a bit of emotion or remorse, my dad would have come out of his grave and kicked my a–. Makes you wonder who coaches the coaches?” … Joe B. (Siesta Key)

“If it had happened to the dean of engineering no one would have ever known.”  …  Jas. Haney

“It smelled like bad fish, and we ate it anyway.  What’s that say about the power of football?” … Chuck Merrill

And finally, just some nice words from a friend of a friend, which proves that Press Pros’ reach continues to extend.

“Wanted to thank you for your outstanding coverage of sports in Western Ohio. As a displaced Ohio (I live in St Louis) your site covers all the sports and people I miss being away from home. (I’m a UD grad, along with being the stepson of OSU baseball supporter Bill Wells and the former head football coach at Mississinawa Valley). Thanks for all you do to cover all of the athletes and coaches of Western Ohio. It is truly the best area in the country for sports and there are so many great stories to be told.” … Patrick Baker, St. Louis, Mo.

(Ed. Note: Three words come to my mind when I think of your stepdad.  Johnny Walker Blue.   The man has great class.)