As usual, there’s more mail this month than space to share it.  Here are some of the best, though, from September posts on Press Pros.  Enjoy!

This edition of reader comments pretty much centers on that one blog post from a week ago, entitled “No Thanks, To The NFL”.

We posted that on Facebook and Twitter, and within hours our email server was red hot with activity. To wit:

“Thank you for having the guts to say what I know no other paper, or website, or TV station will say. You’re a good example of why social media is so valuable.” … Jeffrey Kervin

“You won’t hear that perspective from ESPN because they’re trying to sell that bull—-. I’ve had enough, and the Browns suck, anyway.” … Rob Mericicki (Mentor)

“The fact is that no other employer would let employees act like that (NFL players) on duty. Imagine a server in a restaurant handing you religious pamphlets and asking you to read while you eat. It’s the same thing.” … Bill Gano (Columbus)

“It’s one more example of the NFL and Goodell falling apart at the seams. There’s no control, and too much fear to exercise control.” … Greg Dougherty

“I have a hunch that Trump actually says what everyone else is thinking and is afraid to say. Either way, it’s a mess.” … Joe B

“You guys post some gutsy stuff on Press Pros, but this was the best so far.” … Jeremy Hudson

“You’re so right when you say that it’s hard to respect the issues being protested when protesters like Odell Beckham acts like a dog peeing on a bush. Dumb jocks.” … Tom Killilea

“No Thanks to the NFL” is probably one of the most meaningful articles you have presented. Those at ‘the top’ of anything, seem so often to forget the true purpose and reason for their being in that position. I think you should provide this article to the NFL. I, too, would take a MAC game over the NFL, and I never drive on 119 without thinking about God and his protection of our country and those who defend it. That drive has just always seemed the perfect time to make that statement. We do a lot of kneeling in this area, but I am quite certain it isn’t during the National Anthem.” … Char Henkaline

“I was concerned over your statement that you don’t care. Don’t care for the obvious issues of injustice in our country? Don’t care that professionals with so much at stake are will to risk it to get the message out because they have a popular platform? This affects us all. You SHOULD care.” … Lamar Toole

(Ed. Note: I don’t care…because I turn on the NFL to watch football, not for a lecture in political science. I don’t care because we protest so much about so many things we need a national wailing wall. I don’t care because all I’m looking for is three hours to think about something else than what’s wrong with all of us. I’m really not into round-the-clock misery. We all should care at least some about self preservation.)

“There was more coverage of the protests than the football.  What’s that tell you about the media?” … Paul Miller

“I’m thinking about Paul Brown and what he would have said about a pre-game show of unity after blowing the Green Bay game. Great site, and a great article.” … Chuck (Wheelersburg, Oh)

“I canceled my Sling today which allowed me to watch Monday night games on ESPN. NO MORE.” … Dave Parr

“It’s interesting that the teams that have been the most active in the protest are also the ones struggling the most to win. Seattle was 1-2 this week and San Francisco has yet to win. Ultimately it’s a matter of how you do your job or you won’t be there to protest.” … Brett Olberholser

“Have more professional athletes serve in the military like (Alejandro Villanueva).  Maybe a mandatory two years, like they do in Israel would give everyone a better perspective on just how valuable our freedoms are, and the cost to maintain them.”  …  Michel Spence

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