The latest received post-state tournament from readers with issues over the issues of amateur baseball…extended season, pitch count…and even a few kind words!

Some call it opinion.  Others say it’s just stirring the pot.  But when you pose the question – or state a strongly-worded statement on almost anything – the people take it upon themselves to express their own opinions.

Concerning the recent letters published over concerns of extended play and different priorities regarding high school baseball, we received:

“I sincerely doubt that there’s evidence supporting that as many people want an extended season for high school baseball as you claim.  It’s time to accept that other school activities benefit a greater number of people.”  … Jay Leffingwell

“You’re just blowing about something to stir the pot.  Times change, and interest in sports change, too.  This is a day of soccer as the third sport behind football and basketball.  Get on board.”  … Bob (Dayton)

“I checked, and there was one state that plays summer high school baseball (Iowa).  If it was that good an idea you’d think there would be more.” … Tom  (Springboro)

“I read your site with interest, but question if that many people really care about (extended seasons for) baseball and softball.  I was recently told that most coaches say they would NOT want to play past June 1st.”  … Tim McQuint

(Ed. Note:  I actually had a friend tell me this week that the number is more like 70%.  But being the cynic that I am…there’s no true baseball man that wouldn’t want to play in better weather if he indeed was in it for the sake of his kids (wink-wink).  But I can also believe that 70% of them would say that if they were told to say that in order to keep their job.  Fake news?)

“There is division in our community over how summer baseball is done and time for other activities, even church.  This is why people are choosing select baseball.”  …  Harold

“Make it a club sport, sell tickets, have your own tournament, and see how fast the OHSAA comes around.”  … Ben Musgrave

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On the subject of pitch counts in high school baseball, some wrote:

“It’s a ridiculous example of over-reach by adults.  Fear everything as potential for disaster.  BS.”  …  Stu Heinz

“So, I was impressed by the kids who said they trained all year to play, play their season in a shorter time period than allowed the other sports, and can’t pitch on back-to-back days.  Sound like old men at work to me.”  … Jason (Lima)

“You made the case very well when you wrote that here are more reasons not to play baseball than there are TO play baseball.  But you usually do.”  … Joe B (Siesta Key)

(Ed. Note:  Joe, like you, some people think I’m putting too much lime in my margaritas.  Stay thirsty, my friend.)

Our recent coverage of the 2017 state tournament set new reader marks for that event, and without question for the fact of two local teams, Minster and Russia, having played the most compelling game of the tournament for the Division IV title.  We received plenty of response.

CJTallmadge_feature - 1“As a Chaminade fan I was impressed with the coverage you gave the Eagles.  Great photography.  It wasn’t the outcome we’d hoped for, but thanks to Press Pros Magazine for a great job.”  …  ‘Eagle For Life’

“Your passion for covering the tournament was obvious.  Too bad Wheelersburg came up short.  Great writing and great pictures.  Thanks, as always.”  … David Waller

“Don’t know either team, but the photo you posted of the celebration after the Russia-Minster Div. IV game was outstanding.  No words were needed.  I enjoy your site.”  …  Doug Finn

Bruns Realty is proud to sponsor coverage of area sports on Press Pros

Bruns Realty is proud to sponsor coverage of area sports on Press Pros