The latest responses from Press Pros readers from the last thirty days…on Bruce Hooley, chaos in college sports, opposing views on summer sports and Covid-19, Bowling Green ‘crawdads’ on baseball, and one big statement on expanding the football playoffs.

The meter on the Press Pros inbox spun like your DP&L meter in a July heat wave in May – no shortages of comments from readers new and old.  And our addition of long-time columnist/beat writer Bruce Hooley did not go unnoticed.

“First time writer.   I’ve always enjoyed the list of outstanding writers on Press Pros, but adding Bruce Hooley is like doubling down.  Press Pros is taking it seriously.” … Ray Perdue

“It’s been a decade, and fortunate for Hooley the program actually got better AFTER Jim Tressel.  I’m sure some will remember.”  …  Tom Killilea

“I never thought much of Hooley’s bashing of Jim Tressel because it seemed personal.  And for the record, he wasn’t fired.  He resigned.” … Wm. Bectoris

(Ed. Note:  I never thought much of the term ‘bashing’…when the facts corroborated the story.  Jim Tressel didn’t leave Ohio State because of Bruce Hooley.)

“Surprised to hear about Hooley.  Great addition for Press Pros.  Super website.” … Tim Kearns

Pursuant to Hooley’s May 31st column on crisis and chaos in college sports, we received the following:

“Spot on.   Perhaps, if they [universities] ran their athletic budgets the way you run your household budgets, and eliminated the wasteful programs,  football tickets wouldn’t cost $100 dollars.”  … David Waller

(Ed. Note:  Or…you could just schedule Bowling Green ($60) and Buffalo ($56).  Nothing loves a budget like Buffalo.)

“To disagree, I think if you’re a conference member you have a responsibility to play conference schools in all the NCAA sports.  Isn’t that why they call it a conference?  Isn’t it why athletes go to schools like Ohio State?” … Bruce Malone

“Do they actually have scholarships for the rifle and pistol team?  And how the hell do you recruit for that?” … Jack Riess

ML Dunn has moved. Check out their new location on West National Road in Englewood.

Most were in agreement on our summer youth baseball coverage, eschewing the concern for germs and social distancing:

“It’s good to see kids playing baseball again, period.” … Brad Besecker (via Facebook)

“Your innuendos aimed at Mike DeWine are off base.  He isn’t the reason for the shutdowns.  It was the coronavirus.”  …  Larry Wilberding (via Facebook)

“One line from your interview with OHSAA commissioner Jerry Snodgrass.  After all the hemming and hawing you said, ‘Please, Jerry, just throw us a bone.’  Well done.”  …  Jeff Friedman

“I question whether you take the threat of Covid-19 seriously enough.  More than 100,000 have died.  Isn’t that reason enough for caution and different priorities?  Good website.” … Jas. Schneider

(Ed. Note:  You can take a lot of things more seriously when it comes to health issues.  And if you did there would be no smorgasboards.  But like other Covid viruses, this one’s probably here to stay.  That leaves you two choices.  Stay inside and wear a mask forever…or adjust, wash your hands, healthy life style, and just live.)

On our May column about Bowling Green dropping baseball:

“As for your criticism of BG administration, there’s no such thing as a scant $2 million dollars.  As for athletic programs that lose money, you can’t make it up in volume.”  … John Machimer

(Ed. Note:  Then where do you ‘stop’ cutting at schools like Bowling Green?)

“I don’t know if you saw, but since your article BG did a ‘crawdad’ on baseball.  Any thoughts?”  … Jasper Calderone

(Ed. Note:  Happy for the kids that play.  But I’m doubling down on my original statement.  It didn’t have to happen, a public relations embarrassment, ’cause the athletic department was broke, not the baseball program.  Haven’t heard ‘crawdad’ in a long, long time.)

Responding to our May 28th column on expanding the high school football playoffs:

“Read your article and I read the release by the OHSAA.  I don’t care if they expand the playoffs or not.  But it’s obvious that they’re adding games to expand crowds and revenue, not to expand the experience for more average football teams.  Just one time I wish someone in authority would simply tell the truth…we need cash.”  … Tim Criswell

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