Since our last reader post we’ve received a number of responses, pro and con, regarding our Memorial Day (veterans) column, as well as issues with ‘psychics’, and compliments for Hal McCoy’s work at this past weekend’s OHSAA state baseball tournament.

As hard as it is to believe for some, apparently not all of us grew up with the same appreciation for Memorial Day as expressed in our May 26 column, (Why It’s The Most Important Holiday):

“Your obsession with the Civil War is getting a bit tiresome, and not all of us look at that period of American history as positively as you do. Frankly, I think you do it as a hobby and without respect that the Civil War served a far greater benefit to future generations than just military strategy and war stories. You should really stick to writing sports.” … Tom Morrissey

“What bothers me is your fascination with writing about death and dying. You seem to like it too much.” … Kurt Hoening

(Ed. Note: Kurt, you are right. I’m also fascinated to think that there were people once upon a time who thought so strongly about America that it was worth dying…for future generations, like you, that might take it for granted.)

“You’re forgetting, of course, another, greater holiday that honors an even greater sacrifice for all mankind.  It’s called Easter.”  … Ray Spears

The other half said this:

“I want to thank you for reminding us that freedom is expensive, regardless of the war or the generation that died in fighting for it. Sometimes I wonder if you could find ten thousand Americans now willing to do what those did on June 6, 1944. Or, I wonder if they would argue about it in Congress until it was too late. Good work.” … Jim Montgomery

“Loved the Memorial (Decoration) Day article. I do believe that the youth of today have no knowledge of the battles fought to preserve this country’s freedoms. For that reason I started a fund raiser to build a memorial to the deceased alumni veterans of our local school. I designed a memorial, selected a location on the school grounds, and made a presentation to the school board. The Board gave its approval in early 2013 and the dedication was held in November of that year.  There are over three hundred names on the memorial and more will be added this summer. The youngsters now have their November program at the memorial where they place a wreath at the memorial with a veteran, they say the pledge, and meet and greet other veterans attending. They now know what a veteran is and what they look like. Thanks for the Memorial Day story.” … Mike Mescher (Dayton Northridge alum)

ML Dunn has moved. Check out their new location on West National Road in Englewood.

Our feature from last week’s NCAA baseball tournament about the ‘psychic’ and connecting with the other side drew both support and rebuke:

“If I were the family of George Jones I would be very upset over this article. This was nothing short of sensationalism. Very poor taste.” … Joanne

(Ed. Note:  If you’re familiar with his career, I’m sure they read worse when he was alive.  He had a habit of not showing up for performances.  They called him ‘no-show Jones’.)

“In my opinion this was pure BS and something to get attention to your site. And funny how you mixed in a little clergy to support the story. What’s the old line about there’s one born every minute? You must have taken up the whole hour.” … Larry Marko

(Ed. Note: I’ve questioned myself, for years, as I wrote…and I cannot explain her abilities. As interesting as George Jones, she correctly predicted that one of the Ohio State players had a ‘bright aura’ surrounding him, and that same night Andrew Magno set an NCAA record for strikeouts in a relief appearance and pitched the Buckeyes to a tournament win. Hmmmm!)

“Fascinating story, and wonderfully written. Like your experience, I have known psychics for years and marvel at their gift. And my own mother had many of these instincts about people and the future and I can assure you that she was not a witch or some gypsy phony. She also had the ‘gift’ of knowing and correctly told me the gender of each of my three children…before I even got married.” … Jane (Columbus, Oh)

This past weekend was the OHSAA state tournament in baseball, and reaction to Hal McCoy’s being there and writing about it was swift and unanimous. Here’s a couple of responses received Monday:

“I want to thank Hal for sharing his love for the game in this manner. Great stories made all the better by one of the best. This makes Press Pros very special.” … David Waller

“Great coverage of the state tournament by Press Pros, made even better by Hal McCoy’s story on CJ. Thanks for doing that. Really, really good.” … Paul Kraft (Dayton)