It’s been weeks since our last installment of reader comments…but the response to stories on hunting, the OSU-Clemson game, ‘flopping’, and declining tournament attendance made it well worth the wait.

Reader response since our last post of The Reader Speaks has been all over the map…but concentrated about three major topics of interest, the first being our December 22 story on holiday hunting:

“As always, I highly enjoyed this story because it brought back so many memories from my own childhood. In my family it was always on Thanksgiving but with the same cast of people that you spoke of in your story – just different names. Thanks, and have a wonderful New Year at Press Pros.” … Danny Locey (Via Facebook)

“While I understand that hunting is a tradition I have always struggled to understand by it’s so necessary to kill a “limit” of anything. My family hunted, but only killed what they intended to use. I thought the photos you posted with the story were disturbing.” … Terry Sink

(Ed. Note: Trust it, ours was a large family and there were plenty of empty plates on the other end. None of those rabbits went to waste.)

“Great story, and I really liked the old black and white photos. Well done. Frequent reader.” … Wesley Grimes (Hillsboro, Oh)

“Pathetic…poor taste…and terrible example are just a few things that come to mind.  Totally out of touch with the times.”  … Diana Rhoden

“Better that people hunt and eat rabbits than the coyotes.  Just my opinion.  Really enjoy Press Pros and appreciate you posting outdoors stories.”  … Craig Kohlhorst (Via Facebook)

ML Dunn has moved. Check out their new location on West National Road in Englewood.

Our post-football tournament story on declining attendance got a rousing response from many who admitted that it’s simply easier to stay at home and watch.

“Great job with this article, but I’d like to make a couple of points. One, if you’re marketing any event or product/service to modern patrons it had better be convenient, and Canton is not convenient. The tournament has to be in a central location (Columbus). Two, the OHSAA has gotten full of itself. Tickets are too much, parking is too much, and some schools go so often (Marion Local and Kirtland) that there’s no longer an incentive to attend. Been there, done that. Follow the money, and be in tune with the market if you want people to show up.” … Michael Richardson (Columbus)

“All things run their course and the tournaments are no exception.  #Downsize” Chris Noble (Newark)

“It’s hard to appreciate when you write that inner-city schools like Dunbar and Trotwood don’t go to the tournaments out of choice. Whole different set of circumstances and priorities. You should understand that.” … Jas. Robinson

(Ed. Note: Everything is a choice, and for the sake of the point made there have always been some that don’t go, or can’t go,  for one reason or another.  But there used to be fewer of them. You didn’t mention a solution.)

“The fact is when you pay your cable bill you’re already buying a ticket to the state tournament, whether you watch or not. It’s dumb to pay twice when you consider the cost of travel. Easy decision to stay home.” … Mike Francis

“The OHSAA has to own this, because the tournament is so watered down in Divisions VI and VII that people won’t pay $17 and travel that far to see a lesser product. And that’s not the kids’ fault. This was an adult decision.” … Anthony Grano

(Ed. Note:  They didn’t exactly pack the place for the bigger schools, either.  Just sayin’.)

“Since you mentioned Elder and the lack of excitement in Cincinnati, that was not the case. It was not a matter of excitement,  just easier to watch it on TV than drive five hours. There was plenty of excitement for the purple Panthers.  The tournament should be in Columbus.” … Andy McKean

Our December 18 column on flopping (in basketball) found some interest:

“I laughed out loud at your reference to motive and comparison to the impeachment hearings. Are you saying that life is just one BIG flop?” … Ed Johnson

(Ed. Note: Kinda’. Actually, the way you said it sounds better.)

“This reminds me of a child who throws a temper tantrum to get attention. What we used to do was spank his ass and send him to bed. Good story.” … Ken Courtney (Via Facebook)

Finally, there was mailbox overload on the question of officiating and the outcome of the Ohio State-Clemson game from December 29 (as you would expect):

“If everything is supposed to improve with time and technology your point about officiating highlighted a classic contradiction. I enjoyed this immensely. Great job.” … Jim Campisello

“Even if you didn’t care who won the two calls you highlighted looked botched, and if Bill Lemonnier believes it was targeting “by the letter of the law” there has to be consideration for a player who recoils to protect himself and puts his head in harm’s way. To your point, we’ve asked officials to see too much in real time, and when you look at it on replay you can see whatever you want. First time writer, and I love your website.” … Tom DeSantis

“I’m a Buckeye fan, so I did care who won, of course. But that was four hours of my life that I’ll never get back. Television and replay has made football a chore to watch. Good article.” … Mike Corsi (Indianapolis)

“This article was total horse—!  Stick with photography.”  …  Tom Baughman