We begin 2019 with responses from a number of first-time responders to the site, and polarizing views on the tradition of hunting…as well as people who can’t sing, Christmas then, as opposed to Christmas now, and Mark Znidar’s addition to our Press Pros staff.

Whether you agree with everything we post or not, you have admit we put something out there for everyone…including our December posts on hunting. Not everyone liked it.

“Disgusting. I will not read Press Pros again.” … David Peterson

“I was so disappointed to read your articles about hunting because I love nature, I love animals, and I see no need to kill something as beautiful and non-threatening as a deer for any reason. If you do this and call it sport it’s sick and inhumane.” … Joe Motyka

“While your article on the girl from Covington was well-done, I will share with you that I thought it was barbaric, sad, and unnecessary.”... Mark Disch (Columbus)

(Ed. Note: On the other hand, Mark, there’s the issue of herd control, over-population, and a resulting natural disease called ‘CWD’ (chronic wasting disease) that causes deer to go into a shock-like state, hemorrhage, and die. Now if you object to deer hunting for it being barbaric, I would invite you to view the effects of how nature does its own work. Then write to us again.)

“Mr. Fulks, I will share with you that there’s a reason why you never see pheasants in Ohio anymore, and its because there’s people like Tom Cappell intent on making it that way through hunting.” … Jas. Montgomery

(Ed. Note: Actually, James, wildlife biologists have said for years that the reason is because of farming practices, lack of cover, and chemical fertilizer and weed control…and too many people. If there’s no place to nest (hay meadows), and no cover (unplowed fields), how could a pheasant populate itself and live? The reason there’s so many out West is because there aren’t many people in the Dakotas and Montana. It’s true.)

ML Dunn has moved. Check out their new location on West National Road in Englewood.

And then….

“I’m writing to share with you how much I enjoy your hunting and fishing content on Press Pros, as well as my congratulations to Morgan Kimmel for her ‘Dream Buck’. Wonderful story, well-written, and appreciated. I own a copy of that Michael Sieve print.” … Ben Carrico

“I’ve always liked your hunting stories because they bring back so many memories of time spent with my family in the field. I can’t hunt anymore because of my age, but your Press Pros stories are a fond reminder of when I could.” … Ray Adams

“Thank you for still presenting hunting as an ethical means of controlling wildlife and the enjoyment of natural resources. I’m delighted to see young people who enjoy and promote the tradition because nothing teaches responsibility better than the proper handling of firearms.” … Robt. Krickmore

Our mention of people who struggle to sing brought at least one appreciative response:

“I laughed so hard. And I couldn’t agree more about people who think they can sing. ‘Joyful noise’ can come in many forms, including peace and quiet.” … Jack DePriest

On the changing culture of Christmas….

“Points well made. The best Christmas is usually found around the dinner table, not around the tree.” … James Whiting

“I will agree that Christmas is for the children, but we’ve gone too far. So when those children grow up you have what Christmas has become now.” … Wm. Landis

“It really is up to each generation to decide how Christmas should be celebrated. Technology has changed things a lot, but the principles have not. It’s still a matter of peace and good will towards others. Different fun for different people.” … Joe (via Facebook)

Veteran columnist Mark Znidar writes the Buckeyes for Press Pros Magazine.com.

“I enjoyed your story about Christmas and that old Walter Brennan song (Old Rivers). That song was popular when I was a boy and I remember working long hours mowing the cemetery and ball diamond in Newport with rudimentary equipment and singing that song to myself. It was hot and dry. Thanks.” … John Gephart

Columnist Mark Znidar has become a quick and popular read for his coverage of OSU basketball on Press Pros.  We heard this.

“Wow. Very surprised to find Mark Znidar writing basketball for Press Pros. He was always one of the best at the Dispatch and his leaving (with others) should be taken as a sign of the apocalypse for that newspaper.” … Kurt (Grove City, Oh)

“Mark, long-time reader of your work and happy to see you on this website.” … Tom Killilea (Columbus)