The latest from readers eager to speak on another high school sports season, high school football, bowling, athletes and media…and someone who couldn’t find anything better to write about.

The opening weekend of high school football kicked off to a roaring start on Press Pros, with high numbers in both west central and central Ohio.  Everyone seemed pleased, except this one….

“I would urge you to consider not publishing the ‘Reader Speaks’ post on Press Pros in the future as it obviously provides one more divisive platform among those who read your site. I would further urge you to publish more content that would help unite people, rather than controversial opinions on topics of your choosing, like the Friday Night ‘Picks’.” … Syl

(Ed. Note: Touche’!  And I would urge you to stop going to the movies, as those don’t appeal to everyone, either. Quit watching the news. And, I would cancel your Wall Street Journal subscription to help salve your guilt.)

On our August 18 post about athletes’ and how they respond to media questions, let alone criticism…..!

Red Sox rookie

“Really loved you referring to Jimmy Piersall in the Osaka article.  I always thought of him as a battler and someone who would not give up on something he wanted.”  … Mike Mescher

“First time reader who enjoys your coverage of central Ohio sports.  Your column comparing Naomi Osaka and Jimmy Piersall was perfect in addressing the culture of privileged athletes.  I had not thought of Jimmy Piersall for years, but remember him well and his time as a Cleveland Indian (not a Guardian).  Piersall went through hell.  Osaka went through a box of Kleenex.”  … Doug Bierman

“I appreciated your compliments to Paul Daugherty, and agree that he is one of the country’s best sports columnists.  Classy for you to have his back.”  … Jim Lindeman

On the start of the 2021 Ohio High School sports season, we are all too willing to share some of this low-hanging fruit:

“While I don’t know anything about Marion Local football, I read your story about their game on Friday night to see if you’d say something, and you did – ‘No one was taking bets on what the DOH would have to say on Monday. And no one was that confident that DeWine or ‘old what’s his name’ wouldn’t somehow flip on it’s your school, your community, and your choice.’  A lot of us believe that it is our choice, and that we’ll be fine if we act on that choice responsibly. No one else even mentioned it, and thank you.” … Brian Burcham

“If they shut things down again like last year the misery will be unbearable, and the consequences will be worse.  Prayers for all of us.”  … Alicia Roberts (Via Twitter)

“They have no idea what they’re doing because something like this has never happened before.  This is just politicians campaigning for votes, and  say they’re saving lives.  Thanks.”  … Jeff Pittenger

A little of this, a little of that….

“I’m a bowling fan, a new Press Pros reader, and your coverage of the PBA tournament in Coldwater was really good – surprising that you took the time to write about bowling.  Thanks for the stories you had on Jakob Butturff and Kyle Troup.  You don’t see much of that with the PBA guys and I liked reading about them.  They sound like really good people.”  … James West (Columbus)

(Ed. Note:  James, I can share with you that Mike Davidson, Darren Tang, Jakob Butturff, E.J. Tackett and Kyle Troup are as personable as anyone we’ve ever featured.  They’re very conscious of the image of the PBA tour and they don’t take anyone, or anything for granted.  I’ve never seen one of them turn down a fan request for a photo or an autograph…even a friendly hello.)

“I’m disappointed that there is no Reds coverage on Press Pros.  Perfect opportunity to feed the baseball flock.”  … Larry (via Facebook)

(Ed. Note:  I don’t think anyone goes to bed hungry after a Press Pros meal.  As for your disappointment, go to and you can read Reds coverage around the clock.  No one cooks it better than Hal.)