Tons of mail in the past two weeks, dealing with the issue of health and sports, priorities, ‘faceless bureaucrats’, and most of all…our collective frustration with lack of leadership, or the perception thereof.

The ‘oil slick’ continues to spread, apparently, as more and more response to recent posts on Press Pros come from farther and farther away.  This week…Youngstown, Glouster, and Bucyrus, Ohio were all heard from, and our appreciation, as always, to those who took the time to share their views.

But to quote sportscaster Jim Carr (‘Slapshot’), we would remind you to “keep your comments within the bounds of good taste”  if you want them posted.

On Bruce Hooley’s August 2nd column about “faceless bureaucrats” putting a dark cloud over the future of high school sports:

“This stuck out from Mr. Hooley’s article, regarding volleyball.  ‘We did not have any type of discussion of any kind to determine what sports were contact and what sports were impact sports,” said Bob Price of USA Volleyball. “That information was given to us before we ever had our first meeting, that these sports were classified. Whoever did that, I don’t know.’  That paints a pretty clear picture of how any future decision by the state will be made regarding who plays, what sports, and when.”  … Robt. Ellenbogen

“An classic illustration of ineptness and indecisiveness,”  … Thomas Richmond

“I’m sure the governor’s office is doing the best it can for the sake of the greatest number of people.  I would question Mr. Hooley’s priorities if he thinks sports should be given a blank check of endorsement over the safety of those who play and watch.” … Kristen Grimm

(Ed. Note:  To your point…yes, for the fact that no one in state government has ever dealt with this before.  And to your point about science (sorry for the edit), there’s just enough of it (science) to confuse.  On one hand the American Association of Pediatrics says that adolescents aren’t at risk.  Science has also shown that nine out of ten people are relatively unaffected…just the symptoms of the common cold…those who are at greatest risk are the ones in danger.  So the majority of people capable of making a rational decision look at what they can see for themselves and say ‘play’.  That’s the ‘blank check’ you’re referring to.)

“Thank you for writing things like they are. Many of us are so sick of government trying to run our lives, as if we’re not smart enough to do it for ourselves – health care, entitlements, the virus, the list goes on and on.  For whatever reason, you stand out.  Appreciated.”  … Marc Newbauer

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Responding over the August 1 column (The Daily Dose of Stupid), more than one wrote to correct us over Herman Cain ‘NOT’ dying from cancer, but rather the coronavirus.  Others saw it from another perspective.

“You should get this right before you criticize [other media].  Herman Cain didn’t have cancer.”  … James Walling

(Ed. Note:  You might read more carefully.  “But…they failed to mention that Cain had also previously fought colon and liver cancer – stage 4.  Beating cancer is a big fight. Probably damages one’s overall immunity to something like the flu, or pneumonia, or a cold, or Covid. Ya’ think? But because this is August, 2020, and parties are fighting for influence like two rabid dogs, let’s just scare hell out of people a bit more by saying…Herman Cain died of Covid, and not of a weakened immune system because he’s been fighting cancer for years.”  No where does it say…that Herman Cain died of cancer.)

We all need to live while we are living!  Let our youth LEAD instead of ruining their spirits and personalities.”  … Julie Webb-Meyer (Via Facebook)

“I’m tired of it, and I totally agree.”  … Sharon Rosenbeck (Via Facebook)

“To the point I took from this article…there’s no straight-thinking person who can watch and read all of the different media and come away feeling confident about what’s the truth.”  …  James (Bucyrus, Oh)

“Let me keep my insurance.  Let me keep my doctor.  Let me make my own decisions about matters of health.  And let me keep my tax money if kids aren’t going back to school.  Virtual is a poor return on investment.”  … Ken Peltier

“Who to believe, and what to believe?  If people who test positive aren’t sick, if 94% aren’t impacted, if the glass is half full, why can’t we live accordingly?  I believed for six months.  It’s becoming harder with each passing day.  I trust my own doctor and my own judgment.”  … Duane Stutz

“If the governor tests positive one day, then negative the next, why should anyone feel confident about testing?  This is a dog chasing its tail.  Live life to the fullest…while you can.”  … Gregory Collins

To wrap up…someone had something besides Covid to write about.

“First time to write, but I’ve read Press Pros for a couple of years.  Very enjoyable.  I noticed in recent pictures you post that you’re standing in front of a ship that looks like an aircraft carrier.  Can you tell me what it is?”  … Mark Bostwick

(Ed. Note:   What you see is the USS Lexington carrier that’s dry-docked in Corpus Christi, Texas.  We were there two years ago with the Ohio State baseball team, and the Lexington was sitting outside my hotel room.  Shot with a wide-angle lens, it looks much smaller than it is.  It’s a fantastic tour if you ever get down there.)

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