Earlier than in previous years, the annual Press Pros area scholarships for journalism, scholar-athletes from MAC and SCL to be announced this week.

Under the heading of “if you’re wondering”…the annual Press Pros scholarships for journalism (Hal McCoy Award), and 2020-’21 scholar-athlete awards for both the Midwest Athletic Conference and the Shelby County Athletic League will be announced later this week.

The McCoy Award for continued studies in journalism, communications, or language is in its tenth year of existence, as sponsored by the Park National Bank system (formerly Unity National Bank), and to date has awarded $25,000 in annual increments of $2,500 to area students who want to pursue careers in those respective fields.

You must be a graduating senior to apply, and past recipients have represented Newton High School, Troy High School (twice), Miami East High School, Arcanum High School, Minster High School (twice), Lehman High School (twice)…and later this week the 2020-’21 award will go to a student from Piqua High School.

The MAC and SCL awards are for students who achieve in both their chosen sport and by scholastic standing in their class.

In total, 2020-’21 will mark the $75,000th dollar awarded by Press Pros (including McCoy, MAC, and SCL) to area students to assist with their chosen field of continuing education, as supported by area businesses who sponsor coverage of the Shelby County League and the Midwest Athletic Conference throughout the year.

Applications were received by April 15th, and the selection process is performed independently by current and retired teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators.

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