Since this week’s post on Monday a number of readers, old and new, have written to share their opinion on Serena Williams and the manner in which she “took down” the US Open for the double standard that exists between men and women in tennis.  Here’s few we’ve chosen to share.

“I will tell you that your article on Ms. Williams is consistent with the general attitude about women in sports.  It took a lot of courage to say what she did, and you missed that point totally.”  …  Monica Spiller

“Funny that you chose to mention Roger Federer’s name and ignore all the other men who have acted badly for years.  Congratulations on having your own double standard.”  …  Carolyn Fox

(Ed. Note:  Dear Carolyn, this is the part of the job that I loathe…when people don’t read.  Please read paragraphs four and five where the examples of Australian Nick Kyrgios and John McEnroe absolve us from our own double standard.  And congratulations on being a selective reader.)

“What you could have written is how Williams made it all about her, and made Osaka’s first Major win a mere footnote.  She may have taken on the double standard, but she dissed the person on the other side of the net completely.”  …  David Waller

“She played badly, pure and simple.  She’s been in this position before.  She’s seen other people, men and women, in this position before.  Rules are rules.  Don’t bitch when someone enforces them, and apologize when your coach admits to coaching during the match.”  …  Tim Smith

“The point that Williams makes that no one gets is that both sexes behave badly and no one seems to know what to do.  It’s always been a ‘gentleman’s’ game and a ‘lady’s’ game, but we don’t have gentlemen and ladies playing it anymore.  This is a tennis issue, not an issue of double standard.”  … James David

“Was there any other topic you could have chosen to write about?  I’m guessing that few noticed, or cared, what Serena Williams had to say about a double standard at the US Open.  She’s already won 24 Major tournaments.”  …  Joe Bookwalter

(Ed. Note:  For the sake of clarity, and to avoid further issues of disrespect, I think she’s won 23.)

“I’m surprised that you wrote anything about Serena Williams and the US Open.  I look at your site all the time and the stories about boys sports outnumber stories about the girls ten to one.”  … Syl

(Ed. Note:  C’mon Syl.  I would refer you to Ms. Fox’s comment and subsequent response above.  You ever play volleyball?   You’re better than that…or maybe not.)