Our recent blog on the state of high school baseball drew swift response from around the state…who took the time to share their own opinion on the state of a boys game that in the words of one, “is just too simple for the times.”  In the third of three letters posted, another writer shares that no one’s listening because changing the baseball season would inconvenience too many adults.

“To Press Pros Magazine:  I’m writing to share that many of us believe what you write about adult attitudes and high school baseball.  It really isn’t about giving kids who play a better chance to compete by playing in better weather, but about the adults who don’t have the time or don’t care.  If change is inconvenient, then it’s a bad idea.

In our own community we have asked for three years to consider even moving the youth baseball season to a later start so the kids could have better weather to play in.  That was shot down because they said there wasn’t enough support, but they didn’t ask anyone, either. And, they said it would make it difficult for others to plan summer vacations.

When we went to our school board and asked about high school baseball they told us their hands were tied – that we had to play when the other teams in our league played because the season was set by the state (OHSAA).  And they also smiled and said that it’s more trouble to change than it’s worth because there weren’t enough kids playing high school baseball.  That’s exactly what they said.

Cold_thumb0423The point is there’s always an excuse when you ask about changing anything with baseball, just like you write about.  And if this was football, which is very popular in our town, it’s never a problem to meet, raise money, or work on the field.  If you mention it you’re told that football benefits the entire community because it brings in revenue, where baseball is a yearly drain on the athletic budget.

I will not put my actual name on this letter because I know that people have very long memories when you criticize them publicly.  But it seems funny that we believe global warming is something serious, and we can’t do anything about that.  Yet, moving the baseball season to fit the weather is out of the question.  So please, don’t tell me that anyone is doing what’s best for kids when it comes to baseball.”  … Bonnie Smith