If you’d like to make a career out of writing, or even teaching others how to write, here’s your final call for financial aid from Press Pros and the 2017 Hal McCoy Scholarship award.

Back in December when we announced it, we knew.  It would be a long time before we received the applications for the year’s Hal McCoy Scholarship benefiting graduating high school senior seeking a career in journalism.

But hey, it’s time.  And if you want to apply, you need to do it…and do it now!

Again, the one-time award is for $2,500 and for those graduating seniors this spring who plan to pursue a course of study in journalism, communications, or even education.

If you want to grow up to be a sports writer this is your ticket.

If you want to go into radio or TV, by all means apply.

If you want to go into screen-writing, like Cameron Godsey (last year’s award winner from Miami East), you’re the person we’re looking for.

Or, if your ambition is to teach language arts, you’re eligible for this award.  All that’s necessary is that you enroll in an accredited four-year school offering the necessary degree(s).

But the time is now.  The absolute drop-dead deadline for receiving your application is April 15, 2017;  and to receive one simply email me here at Press Pros (Sonny@pressprosmagazine.com).   And get this – because we know this is a narrow field your chances of being selected are much higher than with other awards.  So DO IT!

He (or she) who hesitates is lost…or in this case, you could be leaving $2,500 on the table!  And why?