Bob Huelsman
Bob Huelsman

Bob Huelsman is a former high school teacher, coach and administrator, serving for more than three decades at Covington High School, in Miami County. In his 13 years as head basketball coach at Covington, Huelsman won 228 games and five times guided the Buccaneers to the regional round of the state tournament. Currently, he serves as the associate athletic director at Newton High School, and treasurer for the Southwest District Athletic Board. A former member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association Board of Control, Huelsman’s broad background in athletic administration has won the respect of his peers statewide.


What’s new with the coming sports season and school year?   New faces, free parking, more coaching time in the summer, and a little cash!

The summer of 2012 is in the books, and school athletics are underway. As Bugs Bunny would say, “What’s up, Doc?”

Each year, the OHSAA and the SWDAB review all their policies and procedures.  Many changes take place and some, more than others, are more of an interest to you as coaches, administrators, fans, and readers.

Here are some interesting changes taking place:

PARKING CHARGES—The SWDAB has debated this issue for a number of years and never took a stance on this subject, allowing all tournament venues to charge.  In the April board meeting, the SWDAB voted 6 to 2 “to disallow parking charges at all sites other than universities.”
Now when the fans attend their school’s tournament contests (volleyball, basketball, wrestling, etc.), being held at high school venues, they will not be charged for parking.  Keep in mind, that football is a state-run tournament, in which the SWDAB has no input!

NEW SWDAB MEMBERS—Member schools in the Southwest District elected two new board members for the next six years.  Pat McBride, Superintendent of the Newton Local School District, was selected to replace long- time member, Dave Gray, who retired at the end of the year.

Also, Jan Wilking, Director of Athletics of Oak Hills High School in Cincinnati, was elected to fill the seat occupied by Joy Manning, Assistant Athletic Director of Kettering Fairmont.

Mr. Andy Bixler, Superintendent of Anna Local Schools, will be serving as President of the SWDAB this year. Mr. Tim Cook, Athletic Director of Western Brown High School, will serve as the Vice-President for 2012-13.

2012 ALL-BOARDS SUMMER CONFERENCE–SWDAB hosted the five district athletic boards from other parts of the state and the OHSAA this summer at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio.

This two-day conference provided everyone affiliated with the OHSAA a chance to attend meetings to discuss legal issues, tournament seeding, the financial “turn-key” project, new schools applying for membership into the OHSAA, schools wishing to change districts, etc.

SCHOOL BONUS—SWDAB approved awarding a $500 bonus to every school in southwest Ohio.  The SWDAB was pleased to give back $90,000 to these schools!

TURN-KEY PROJECT—This project was begun two years ago to start to get a better grip on how the OHSAA finances are handled and the use of better accounting procedures.  Most money is generated through tournament receipts, and now will be run through school treasurers, rather than through the tournament manager directly.

This fall, the SWDAB will be initiating the process.  This will not affect how players, coaches, or fans view the tournaments, but may affect tournament sites and personnel in the future.

NEW OHSAA OFFICE BUILDING—The OHSAA has purchased the building just to the south of the present OHSAA building.  Office and storage space has been an issue for a long time within the office.  A building fund was established years ago for this very reason.  Plans for this building have not been finalized, but the additional space will come in handy, that’s for sure.

OUT-OF-SEASON COACHING REGULATIONS—Dr. Ross, Commissioner of the OHSAA, asked a group of school administrators from across the state to review the OHSAA’s current “out-of-season coaching regulations and asked them to make a recommendation to the Board of Directors that would provide “change” to these regulations.

The “change” needed was to give coaches a chance to “compete” with the growing number of “training centers” and “private coaches” that are profiting considerably with no necessary credentials.

Coaches associations (primarily basketball) have proposed this over the past several years.  They want to be able to provide more individual instruction.  A change might theoretically provide school coaches the opportunity to provide instruction free of charge to athletes, while also having better credentials.

Keep in mind, the committee’s goal was not to find more team time—not to increase the number of coaching days in June and July (which is presently 10 days) or the 50% limitation that currently exists out of season for team members playing on non-school teams.

You will see more discussion on this item in the future.